Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For those of you who come here but don't see my regular blog, I just want to point out that we will be on an enforced hiatus for at least the next week as my hard drive has completely and unrecoverably crashed. I am writing this on my son's laptop which i don't have access to for much of the day.Sadly I was NOT smart enough to completely back up everything so thousands of items were lost. I estimate that perhaps 30 percent can be gotten back from various sources once I'm back up. I WAS at least smart enough to buy a 3 year warranty when I got my PC so they will be replacing the harddrive free. Due to the severity of the hard drive crash, they do NOT recommend trying data recovery. I'm trying to be philosophical. AS much as I lost, in the end it was at least all virtual. no one was hurt and I still have a place to live. Anyone who wishes to help though can donate to my PalPal box over at BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY. We WILL be back sometime next week.

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  1. Bummer supreme... good to see your spirits haven't suffered :-)