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John Carradine and Wood

I knew that the John Carradine art that Wally Wood provided editor Bhob Stewart for CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN (right) in the late sixties was actually recycled right down to where the test tube had been from his John Carradine portrait for MAD's HORROR PRIMER in 1959 (center) but yesterday I ran across the actual source--the photo of actor Carradine seen at left!

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If anyone's interested we're down 50% on the asking price for the signed and numbered Wood Weird Sex Fantasies Portfolio!

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Peter Hsu's Quadrant

Peter Hsu was one of the assistants who worked with Woody on the second (and possibly the unfinished third) WIZARD KING graphic novel toward the end of his life. Hsu went on to do a number of sexy sci-fi/fantasy comics including QUADRANT, seen here in its collected version. These were all distinguished by black and white painted art highlighting gorgeous Wood-like blondes, all of which had seemingly been copied from adult magazines. In fact, some of his work showed them in ridiculous poses but discretely covered up. Others, like this one, remove the obstacles. Even as he focused on naked women in high heels fighting monsters with swords, the rest of his work, as seen in the images below, always continued to show a distinct influence from his brief time with Wood.  If I recall correctly, Mr. Hsu went into software design later on.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steranko's Tribute

Often cited as revolutionary sixties Marvel artist Jim Steranko's tribute to Woody, this piece originally appeared in color as the cover of an issue of NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. but this crisp black and white version comes from the artist's 1970 Portfolio...which is dedicated in its entirety to Wally Wood.

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Warren Ad

6 out of 10 of these are Wood and Adkins covers.

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Crazy Cards

If you're on Facebook, someone ironically usurping the name of Fredric Wertham has been posting Woody's CRAZY CARDS from Topps in the Facebook group, WALLACE WOOD!

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Comic Strip Parodies

Reader Derek informs that one can find a nice selection of Woody's MAD comic strip parodies here:

Thanks, Derek!

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Space Search Seven

Reader Mark Yanko reports that the original art for Wood's SPACE SEARCH SEVEN, the pre-rewritten version of Warren's THE MANHUNTERS, has ben right under our noses all along amidst the treasure trove of Wood originals we've linked to here before from James Halperin:

A side by side comparison shows that a number of panels on the original art pages have the relettered and pasted over dialogue but some do reveal the original. Published in beautiful color in EERIE # 60, this is one of my favorite Wood pieces (done with Paul Kirchner?). The mag does not list a writer (or an artist for that matter) but a later reprint credits Warren regular Gerry Boudreau. I've also heard it said it was Bill DuBay, who rewrote so many of Wood's later works for Warren.

The story, in this case, appears to be essentially the same so I'm not sure why someone felt the need to rewrite the piece so substantially.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bill DuBay art

Interesting piece by Bill DuBay, originally published as fan art in an early issue of CREEPY. DuBay would go on to become an artist, writer and eventually editor at Warren and, in spite of his here obvious appreciation of Wood, he would become a major thorn in the artist's side in his later years and the subject of rants in THE WOODWORK GAZETTE.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adkins in Creepy

Here's some very Wood-like art from Dan Adkins in an early Creepy. Interesting to note that, throughout their runs, even when Warren's mags weren't featuring Wood himself, his many colleagues including Nick Cuti, Ralph Reese, Dan Adkins. Richard Bassford, Bhob Stewart, Bill Pearson and Roger Brand were all represented along with Woody's former EC artists, Al Williamson, Angelo Torres, Frank Frazetta, Johnny Craig, George Evans and Reed Crandall.