Saturday, March 14, 2009

Malice in Wonderland

Unlike much of Woody's outright porn, this little more than softcore series that originally appeared in France and, in America, in Al Goldstein's NATIONAL SCREW (and was later reprinted a number of times including this Eros Comics version), is actually funny, mildly erotic and well drawn. I believe Sirois assisted but Bhob Stewart's book also mentions that Woody had some friends (and former assistants) over one night and asked some to help on the pages whilst they were there. Although often reprinted in black and white, the original was in a vibrant color as seen here in a page from the NATIONAL SCREW version.

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  1. Finding two of these National Screw issues in a comic shop and then another one in a sordid porn shop were tremendous thrills for me. This strip is genuinely lovely in color in the mag. It's infinitely better to read it in color there than in Fantagraphics' b&w reprint.

    I'm still trying to find the original magazine printing of Wood's X-rated Wizard of Ooz strip (Oz parody). Anybody have one I could buy from you? :-)