Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Ghost Beast

From Marvel's TOWER OF SHADOWS comes Wood at a mid-career peak of sorts on a sword and sorcery story entitled THE GHOST-BEAST. View the whole thing over at THE PICTORIAL ARTS.

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  1. Someone at the other blog said "the team of Stan Lee & Wallace Wood" ?

    B***S***!!! Stan Lee had NOTHING to do with this. In fact, After DD #5-11, it's a shock Wood ever came back to Marvel at all.

    Doesn't it bother anyone else that Stan Lee is the ONLY editor who always has his name listed FIRST-- even on stories he had nothing to do with-- as if he were some Hollywood film producer? "SAMUEL L. BRONKOWITZ PRESENTS..." !!!

    By the way, all 4 of these terrific stories were reprinted in THE MARVEL ART OF WALLY WOOD (1982), slightly larger and on better paper. Marvel had nothing to do with this book (it was licensed by some foreign publisher), and it was one of the rare instances where the reprints no doubt looked BETTER than the original printings.