Thursday, May 27, 2010

One of a Kind Wood Anniversary Gift

Marsha from Washington State wrote me this morning to thank me for this site. Always good to hear, of course, but in her case, it was because she was able to use the site a little more specifically recently. With her permission, I'll let her tell it:
Hello! My husband and I recently celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary and I  couldn't have made my gift to him without your site. We have self imposed  guidelines and budget constraints for gift giving, every gift has to be  home-made and we can spend no more than $10 each on materials. I first saw Wally  Woods 22 panels on your site awhile back and bookmarked the image for future  use. I've attached a pic of the final result. All of the images came from your site or from links you provided. The frame and  board (approx. 32.5" x 56.5") were purchased at the Goodwill for 5.99 plus tax,  and the rest of my budget went to black spray paint. I printed out the back  ground images on my inkjet, took them to work and ran them through the  photocopier so I could mod-podge(matte finish) them to the board. After the  background was complete I printed out Wally's 22 panels on thin photo-paper and  used spray adhesive to attach them to the background. 
Thank you again, 
 Marsha in Washington State=
Thanks so much for writing, Marsha! May you have many more great years and great anniversary gifts to come!

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