Friday, July 2, 2010

Wizard on Wood

Here at HOORAY FOR WALLY WOOD, our goal is to celebrate the work of Woody and his associates. Every once in awhile, though, reality has to play into that context. As we all know, Woody was a troubled man. Perhaps it's part of the current wave of rediscovery that has led to the upcoming international WOODWORK exhibit but the venerable WIZARD magazine has stopped looking forward in comics long enough to look back at Woody's tragic life and brilliant career in a piece in the new issue by Jim McLauchlin. Mr. McLauchlin has shared the piece (sans illustrations) at THE HERO INITIATIVE blog (see link below). Check out the issue of WIZARD above to get the full effect!


  1. Thanks for the link.

    Something that seriously needs correcting... Wallace Wood wrote ALL 7 of his issues of DAREDEVIL. They are not structured like, do not feel like, and do not read like anything else from Marvel during that period. His editor, Stan Lee, wrote the dialogue, except for #10, where Wood wrote his own dialogue. Stan Lee STOLE both credit AND PAY, and even spent part of #10 and 11 denigrating Wood's writing efforts IN PRINT. Nice guy.

    There has to be some reason that Wood, who worked for Lee for such a short period of time, came to HATE Lee with a passion that never left him until the end of his life (and possibly beyond).

  2. Someone else pointed out the writer did not mention Wood's self-publishing efforts-- like CANNON, SALLY FORTH, WIZARD KING. I didn't see TOWER COMICS mentioned either. Of course, Marvel & DC collaborated to SABOTAGE Tower's distribution, which is the REAL reason the company went belly-up. That's NOT what I call "competition". That what's I call "GANGSTERISM".

    And by the way... Wood was NOT fired from MAD. Wood QUIT!!!!! And, JUST before the page rates SHOT UP! (I thought EVERYBODY knew that?????????)