Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Wallace Wood Treasury

From 1980, this is Greg Theakston's WALLACE WOOD TREASURY, the first of a number of Wood-related books put out by Pure Imagination over the years. At the time this one came out, however, Woody was still alive and as I recall he was not happy with its publication. Someone feel free to correct me but I believe he was hoping at the time to publish a similar book himself.

The years have been quite kind to this Treasury, however, as it hold up very nicely today.
The first half of the book consists of a bio and interviews with former Woodworkers Joe Orlando, Dan Adkins, Ralph Reese and Paul Kirchner. The latter half reprints a number of still rarely seen pieces of artwork and ends with a full reprint of Wood's signature EC classic, MY WORLD. Good stuff, indeed. Thanks, Greg!

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  1. I'm a huge fan and collector of Wood works : I love that book , I bought it when it released , and opened it hundreds of times at least .