Monday, April 4, 2011

The Nickel Library

THE NICKEL LIBRARY was a fun idea that was done under somewhat shady circumstances and never got anywhere near its planned 500 issues. Basically, each one is one page, costing a nickel, highlighting a cool, rare comics-related image. The goal was to have 500 which one could then collect and store in a binder. Wood appeared several times including with this highly detailed piece probably from or intended originally for one of the digests.


  1. This illustration was published in the September 1953 issue of Planet Stories (pulp) illustrating "The Un-Reconstructed Woman" by Hayden Howard!

  2. Didn't they get a C&D from Gaines' lawyers because some artists did EC covers they wish they'd done or something? Is this Kim Deitch's lettering?

  3. That sounds right, Sam and as for the lettering it wouldn't surprise me because I know a lot of the underground artists were involved with the project.

    I had read a big piece on the whole mess online a while back and was going to link to it but couldn't track it down.