Friday, July 22, 2011

The Spawn of Venus-1954

Gorgeous original art scans from this legendary unpublished EC tale--well, originally unpublished. Eventually it appeared in WITZEND and has been reprinted and rewritten all over various other publications and the Internet ever since.


  1. These pages are an absolute treat to behold! It's interesting to see inks on acetate like this, which gives it a little more of the animation cell look like Wood used on his "V-Vampires!" story in MAD. It always gives the original art a great presentation, and more of a three-dimensional look. Wood makes it look so damn easy too. That's what's so interesting about his EC era originals. There'll be a duo-shade panel or paste-up here, a scratch-board panel there, some dry-brushing, great usage of ben day dot patterns, some coquille board....etc. Seeing scans of the original art, it just looks as if he was having a blast playing around with different tonal values and textures. In some stories it seemed like he was striving to top himself with each consecutive panel! Very inspirational work.

  2. The artwork is fantastic. What a treasure. The story itself sounds a lot like The Blob which was released in 1958 while Wood's story is dated 1954. Seems like Hollywood ripped him off.

    Alberto Ramirez

  3. What a visual treat. What Loston said.