Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ronn Sutton Request

From our good friend and contributor Ronn Sutton:

Ok, I need your help & suggestions. I've done several collaborative strips with the lovely & talented Hilary Barta (I pencil, he inks) for FEAR AGENT, ELVIRA and elsewhere (including this ELVIRA story "Spa Tront!" where I gave Wally Wood's EC aliens a second chance at life). Hil & I (and Janet) will be at Chicago Wizard World in the Fall and we want to do a sci-fi print together to sell at the show. Anyone got a good idea for a slightly humorous EC-inspired 1950s-ish Sci-fi pin-up? Gotta have a girl in specesuit, aliens, UFOs, etc. Want to pack in as many cliches as possible. Anybody smarter than me got a good idea for a picture?


  1. Ronn, well, if you really want to pack in as many clichesas possible, and a 50's ambience is desired, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe would appear to be essential ingedients...!

    One suggestion might be a takeoff on MM's "Golden Dreams" nudie calendar shot, with MM as a sexy naked spacegirl, discreetly covered if desired, but surrounded by EC/SF "Wood-isms" in the background, with bad puns about somebody (Elvis heself, maybe?) feeling a "Woody" coming on.

    (OK, that's pretty bad. I tried.) =/

  2. Three Stooges in EC sf cover. Masthead like WEIRD SCIENCE sez WEIRD STOOGES.

  3. BookSteve, here's the first thing Wood did with Krassner:

    I wanted to send an email but Google wanted another slice of my soul for that... I have come across other cool stuff recently as I have been researching Wood, can you should me a mail perhaps? Also, thanks for doing this blog, it really is a nice tribute.