Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another New Wood Book!

What a year for Wood! We already have Vanguard's sc-fi collection and IDW's amazing art book (my review is still coming). Coming soon we'll see the Galaxy illustrations book, Fantagraphics' EC stories volume and the US version of last year's Spanish exhibit catalog.

Now Vanguard has announced yet another new book, this one collecting Woody's non-EC crime and horror work from the fifties.

"Vanguard Publishing continues their Wally Wood Classics series by following STRANGE WORLDS: The Science-Fiction Comics of Wally Wood with EERIE Tales of Crime & Horror! The Complete non-EC 1950s Crime & Horror Comics of Wally Wood!"

More details to follow.


  1. Wally Wood was the greatest comic book artist in history. Thank you to all the publishing houses for all the beautiful books!

  2. Steve, there's another Wallace Wood book in the pipeline, and I just pre-ordered it on Amazon. It's Woodwork: A career retrospective of Wallace Wood 1927-1981. Originally issued by a museum in Spain in 2010 that had a major exhibition of his artwork. The U.S. publication is slated for September 2012.