Friday, August 3, 2012

Wood in FM 2

From the 2nd issue of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND way back in '58.

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  1. Warren's plan all-along was to do a Mad Monster kind of thing and there was no artist he wanted/respected more than Wallace Wood. This point is hi-lighted by this early item and also by the early Monster World Mummy movie adaptation by Wood. Warren also instructed his distributors to place his magazines next to MAD on the newsstand, instead of by the movie magazines. Gaines was always pro-fandom and publicity and in keeping with that mentality gave his permission here. I wonder if Warren asked for more and might have been turned down as Warren began to grow as a competitor (if not in exact genre, at least for the same demographic). I find if very apropos that this, which may be the only such MAD feature in FM (obviously the earliest) is by our man WOOD!