Sunday, November 18, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Oh, my gosh. You mean they STILL aren't re...What? What do you...? Oh. OH! We're on? We're on! Of course we're on! Hello there, Wood fans! Although we've been anxiously counting the ballots, we're still counting the votes from Florida! Enough precincts have reported in, however,  that we are calling the MISS WALLYWOOD 2012 race at this time for...SALLY FORTH in a landslide!

Sally received a total of 13 votes while the next closest competitors ended in a three way tie with 3 votes each! Should Sally be for any reason unable to complete her reign, a coin will be flipped to decide who will replace her. The three runners-up are Rusty aka The Iron Maiden, Kara aka Powergirl and Brenda, the lovely Warren sci-fi girl.

Greer, aka The Cat, received 2 votes and each of the remaining contestants at least got on the board with a single vote.

Thanks to all who participated! SALLY FORTH is, of course, tm  and Copyright Wallace Wood Properties, LLC, 2012.


  1. I thought I had voted and just couldn't recall for whom... but I can't find any record of my vote. I probably would have voted for Kara, but find no shame in losing to the very deserving Sally Forth. She really is the defining Woodywoman!