Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wally Wood Sings

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The rare, privately distributed WALLY WOOD SINGS. From what I've heard, it's not...bad. I think he looks like Woody Guthrie in the above pics. 

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  1. When Woody was doing the illustrations for the WALLY WOOD'S WEIRD SEX FANTASY PORTFOLIO for me in 1977 he mentioned his love of music and how one day he'd love to record some. I offered to front the $$ for it as a thank you for doing the Portfolio. He wrote back: "Yeah, I do want to do the record! 9 minutes per side would be good-I've got about 6 songs I can do without goofing. Much." Though early estimates were $200 for a studio recording session it ended up being $500 to record 7 songs. One day I got a 10" tape in the mail containing the master recordings. I made a few cassettes as orders came in from Woodwork and then in 2002 issued a CD in a limited edition of 100 of the songs. It's crystal clear and for amateur folk music isn't bad. Much. I still have some for any curious Wood fans for $12 including postage. My paypal is Woody had a great deal of fun and satisfaction with this project and it is fun to listen to in the context of Wood's creative outlets. Richard Pryor FOO#3