Friday, May 10, 2013

Nick Cuti's Moonie and the Spider Queen

Here's a link to a recent review of one of former Woodworker Nicola Cuti's MOONIE novels, all available on Amazon.

From Amazon:
Lusty little Moonie can live in the hostile environment of Outer Space wearing little more than a smile. She hates wearing clothes and does so only for modesty's sake. Her survival ability is worth billions. When Moonie's scooter-meteor crashes into the starship, the Big Bang, Perry and Torry entice the sexy Starbabe to stay while they secretly plan to sell her to the big business corporations on Earth. But Moonie receives a telepathic call for help from her sister Starbabes and she is off to the planet, Vulva-5. Perry and Torry are in pursuit and their chase takes them through a world of giant thinking spiders, deadly soldiers, reducing machines, tanks of luscious naked maidens in cryogenic sleep and the deadly, beautiful Spider Queen, Phobia. This is a comic novel of fun and surprises but definitely not for the entire family. Adults only! This is a NEWLY REVISED EDITION--bolder and sexier.

Wood himself was a fan of Moonie (aka Moonchild) and once drew her for Nick. He is said to have told Nick he should develop the character and, over more than 40 years now, he has!


  1. Dear Steven, What you said about WOODY is absolutely true. He picked my character from amongst the drawings I showed him and told me develop a story around her. When I worked in Wood Studio, WOODY did his version of Moonie, which was published in "Moonie, Moonchild the Starbabe" issue number 3 and in the graphic novel "Moonie vs Phobia, the Spider Queen". WOODY has and will always be my inspiration. It was a privilege to know, work, and be friends with him. Best, Nick

  2. Moonie's WEIRD FANTASIES story was my first exposure to your work, Nick (and I was only 14! Horrors!). From there I followed your name to E-MAN which became a lifelong favorite and then CHERI for more of Moonie and loved the DC Digests when you were running 'em! Along the way, I admired so much of your Warren work but it's only been recently I've come to realize all the great stuff you did for Charlton work. Also enjoyed your recent LUM 'N' Abner appearances! If I ever have the money, your novels and videos are on my Want List becasue I know after all thsi time that if you're attached to it, it's quality work!

    Thanks for all of it and thanks for commenting here!

  3. Dear Steven, Thanks for all the nice things you've said about my work. I hope I never disappoint. Best, Nick