Monday, March 14, 2016

DD and Netflix

Perhaps you've heard about the growing controversy that Wally Wood does not receive a credit on the popular Netflix DAREDEVIL series, now in its second season. Okay, he didn't create the character. That's a given. The character existed before Wood ever showed up at Marvel. There are a lot of folks who worked on the DD comics over the years and made contributions that appreciably changed the comic but they didn't "create" the character either so as long as THEY aren't credited, I don't see why anyone should expect Wood to be. Oh. Wait.

The DAREDEVIL comic book has always had its ups and downs but it's always been blessed with a number of creators who have given it some of their best work. That most certainly doesn't start and end with Frank Miller. If one grants that to acknowledge every single writer and artist would be too much to expect, then break it down to only the really important ones who defined the series to come for decades, and that starts with Wallace Wood. 

There is no logical reason NOT to give Wood credit on the Netflix DAREDEVIL series.

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  1. Perhaps they pay so much attention to the Miller era is because that's what they modeled the TV show after rather than many of the eras before his tenure and style. Plus he's still alive, whereas Wood is not, but I'll agree Wood added his own touch to the book and was a great artist.