Sunday, November 14, 2010

Joe Orlando's X-Ray Glasses

Did you ever notice that this ad for the ever-popular X-Ray Glasses that were long a mainstay of comics and magazine advertising in the sixties was drawn (and signed with his initials) by former Woodworker Joe Orlando? The ad was seen in Warren magazines from 1965. This was the period when Woody was working with Russ Jones at Warren on projects like HORROR AT PARTY BEACH and the comic strip adaptation of THE MUMMY. A comic strip adaptation of HORROR OF DRACULA also appeared and was done by Jones and Orlando. So even though Wood and Orlando didn't technically reunite at was close!

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  1. This was another product marketed by Harold von Braunhut, who sold the Sea Monkeys with Joe Orlando's ad art. In 1992, Joe introduced me to Braunhut, who had dropped by DC with an advance tape of THE AMAZING LIVE SEA MONKEYS TV series starring Howie Mandel.