Sunday, January 23, 2011

Googling Against the Grain

We've said before here that there is no better source for Wood info than Bhob Stewart's thick 2003 volume AGAINST THE GRAIN: MAD ARTIST WALLACE WOOD. Well, if you don't have one, even a used copy will currently set you back $90.00 on Amazon. Today I noted, however, that GOOGLE BOOKS "previews" AGAINST THE GRAIN with a whopping 275 of its 329 pages! That's some preview! It's a Sunday. Surely if you're reading this blog, you have nothing more important to do today than to get up to speed with all the great Woodwork, biography, history, rumor and anecdotes herein.


  1. The book is now out of print. However, Two Morrows still has about 200 copies left of the accompanying WALLACE WOOD CHECKLIST.

    Also, the "Grain" biography of Wood is on Potrzebie with different illustrations than those in the book. Go here.

  2. Got mine on ebay a while ago

    If you're into Wood - buy it.