Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Battle Bridges-1955

Probably Wood's first work for National Comics, this ALL-AMERICAN MEN OF WAR story appeared in a late 1955 code-approved issue. The official checklist credits Wood with inks only but GCD says that editor Julius Schwartz'a papers confirmed pencils and inks by Wood.


  1. Looking at the figure drawing, I have to agree it's all Wood. Not his best work, especially compared to his EC stories just a few years earlier.

  2. I really like these pages, but I wouldn't doubt that Wood rushed through these. That happens sometimes in comics--deadlines can really trip you up sometimes. Everything needs to be done yesterday. I think what hurts them the most is the bad printing and the loud yellows on the page. The layouts are pretty straight forward, but there isn't a single panel that doesn't work on a compositional level. Love the inking too, and you can tell that those are Woody sound effects. One of the things that I see that's different from Wood's earlier EC work is the lack of zip-a-tone or duo shade halftones. Wood often used a lot of both on the EC stuff to create contrast and textures, and these halftones are missing here. Makes the art seem a little more empty I think. Regardless, it's still great looking stuff! Love the wrinkles and drapery and spotted black shadows! Wood did such things better than anyone!

    Thanks for posting these!