Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Funny Li'l Joke Books

Here's a whole clickable archive of Topps' FUNNY LI'L JOKE BOOKS from 1970 with lots of art by Wallace Wood as well as more by Tom Sutton, Skip Williamson, Ralph Reese and others.


  1. And me too. That project began when I got an assignment from Len Brown to write hundreds of jokes. Researching numerous sources in the Boston Public Library in the winter of 1969-70, plus my own files, I produced a huge manuscript of jokes in many different categories. Then, as I recall, Art Spiegelman and Jay Lynch did roughs adapting those jokes into comic strips and cartoons with balloons while also adding new gags.

  2. Loved these. I think I owned most of the set as a child. Thanks for the link to view the whole set!