Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Sally Forth Appearance

This is the original art for what amounts to the first appearance of Wood's popular SALLY FORTH, albeit quite different from the girl we all came to love. Date was 1968. The lower strip, JOE'S BAR AND GRILL, is actually by "Wood collaborator" Dom Silleo although copyrighted to Wood himself.

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  1. This inaugural Sally Forth comic strip came out, as the 'Checklist' indicates, in June 1968 in 'Military News'. After this, all the references - including Woody's own testimonials in Sally's 1976 magazine - indicate that the next publication was already the series in the 'Overseas Weekly' from July 1971. And outside of the material made for this publication until 1974 there would be nothing else (all compilations in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish are from 'Overseas Weekly' material).

    However, I spotted a 'missing link': a half-page story, like the one in the post, where Sally undresses to pose for a painter. The material is very reminiscent of that published in 'Military News' (much more than the later phase in 'Overseas Weekly'), and is not mentioned in the 'Checklist'.

    Therefore, some doubts:

    - Was this second half-page story published? If so, where and when?

    - and the main question: are there any other Sally Forth stories other than these two half-page stories or the 'Overseas Weekly' series? If so, where could I find this material (preferably online or e-book)?