Friday, June 3, 2011

Rich Dannys

Along with Hilary Barta and Ty Templeton and a relatively few others, here's another name one can add to the list of those modern-day artists inspired by Wallace Wood--Rich Dannys. Rich has some great sixties style art homages up on his website and a number of them--along with his profile pic of Bucky Ruckus...or is that Goody Bumpkin?--indicate a distinct Wood influence.

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  1. It is indeed Bucky Ruckus.. An animation buddy of mine were plotting a small cartoon idea. And he even went so far as to assemble some Model Sheets of the character.
    Yes, this "Illustration Friday" drawing was very-much inspired by Woody's work. And I'm humbled & flattered by your re-posting, Steve.
    Always enjoyed coming here and reading more about Wallace, too. Thanks!
    p.s. Thanks for the Facebook add, as well!