Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sky Masters Original Art

Ferran Delgado, Publisher of the lovely Spanish collection of SKY MASTERS OF THE SPACE FORCE, the controversial (for behind the scenes stuff, not anything in the plot) strip drawn by Jack Kirby and Wally Wood beginning in 1958, has posted on his own blog as well as at COMIC ART FANS and in the Wally Wood Yahoo group the strip seen here, his first acquisition of original art from SKY MASTERS. Hopefully he doesn't mind my sharing it with Wood fans here, also.

"This strip is very special to me because I edited the spanish edition of the Sky Masters, and I spent lots of time and efforts to pay tribute to one of the best strips ever made, although unfortunately one of the less known. I'd like to think that I helped to widespread it, at least in Spain.

Now at last I feel that my collection is complete, and I can retire of the hobby."

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  1. Thanks, Steve! I can hardly think of a greater pairing of artists than Kirby and Woody.
    ALways enjoy your posts.