Tuesday, January 17, 2012


  1. what is the problem with the Bill? I know lots of providers are against it but why?

  2. Many supporting this protest have their own interests at heart when it comes to unfairly utilizing the work of others but as someone who has seen his own work posted elsewhere on the Net and credited to a name other than his own I most certainly do not support that type of thing.

    That said, though, as a blogger for nearly 7 years, I'd have to say that many of my own blog posts--even though I understand and adhere to the doctrine of Fair Use better than many (although admittedly not always)--could conceivably just disappear under the overly restrictive guidelines now under consideration. The fear is that far too much might disappear as we metaphorically throw the Internet baby out with the bathwater.

    That's where the concept of "there must be a better way" comes into play. Like so many bills of recent vintage covering all aspects of American life, these bills, although certainly well-intended, have inherent in them the potential for misuse. Maybe not now but down the line. No, I don't have a better idea. When I was a kid, the members of Congress were smarter than me and that's what I expected out of THEM. Nowadays, any intelligent, logical thinking from anyone on Capitol Hill seems a bit of a long shot.

    That said, should we settle for a bad law that arguably would do SOME good?

    Something should be done or why would anyone creative have any real reason to be so? But many of us think that this is NOT the answer.