Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Heck With Wood!

Don Heck, that is. Here he is from their AVENGERS collaboration in 1965, Heck pencils with Wood inks.


  1. For those folks who don't like Don Heck's work, I think seeing his more abstract qualities calmed down by the lush Wood inks really showcase his storytelling to great effect.


    Rip Off

  2. I've never been a particular fan of Don Heck's art, nor have I ever been against it either. Heck's work never really struck me as being exciting and dynamic. Artists like Kirby, Ditko and Buscema produced more interesting drawing, but I never thought that the quality of Heck's work was poor in comparison. Just something of a different animal. Heck always needed a strong inker who could add something to mix. Wally Wood was just the sort of inker Heck needed. Wood's solid drawing ability and superior slick line elevated other artist's pencil--even Jack Kirby's work--to new heights. Wally Wood's inks often dominated the pencils, but in a way that was visually favorable. He could add a little energy, a little realism, and a whole lot of credibility to the line work. His skills at lighting the figure could add mood, volume and dimension, and that's the sort of things that Heck's work needed. This was a great pairing.