Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Tale of Two Sallys

© Wallace Wood Estate. All Rights Reserved.

With the coming of the Internet, I've seen a number of variations on the free FOO Sally Forth sketch but at left here, spotted online recently, is the first one I've seen obviously made from the same template as my own. Longtime readers will recall that Wood's friend and sometime assistant Paul Kirchner was paid to trace the sketches promised fans who joined Wood's fan club as the artist's health was already suffering.

One can clearly, in both sketches here, see pencil lines, so I'm presuming that Woody may well have done a handful of original sketches which Paul traced (lighboxed?) in pencil and then inked with what appears to be marker. Other than the eyes in these two shots, they are actually remarkably similar. I do believe the face looks better on mine.

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