Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rejects Animation Art

Nothing was ever animated featuring Woody's REJECTS (as Bhob S reminds me, not the MISFITS)characters but apparently it was considered at one point. Here, as found on the Net, are a couple of drawings supposedly from that project.


  1. Those characters are from THE REJECTS, not THE MISFITS (which was drawn in Wood's usual realistic style, not cartoony). As I recall, I penciled a presentation board of the REJECTS characters which Wood finished and took to the Paramount cartoon department (then run by Bakshi). A few weeks later, Paramount closed their cartoon department, and Wood felt that Bakshi had hijacked his creation. He then asked me to write a REJECTS story for WITZEND "to protect the copyright," as he put it. To make it more confusing, there is an overlap of several REJECTS characters with BUCKY RUCKUS characters.

    Bhob @ Potrzebie

  2. Thanks, Bhob. I should have caught the error as I always loved the Rejects and never cared that much for the Misfits. Always a pleasure to have your historical anecdotes added, sir!

  3. Actually, I'm wrong... as there were two different MISFITS versions, one straight and one cartooned.