Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Mummy

No, not the usual Warren one by Woody with Russ Jones. No, THIS Warren one, with Dan Adkins, was the inside front cover of EERIE # 5...and strangely enough also of EERIE # 14 just a couple of years later.


  1. Great, spectacular Wally´s work. I love his Warren works.


  2. Woody was also great in the science fiction magazines. This guy was truly the most skilled craftsman in the comics. WW was one of the many artists who loved the comics enough to struggle through at his own expense. I wish the comics field would return the love to guys like Wood, Kirby and Ditko. Love your website. Many great posts. Can't go wrong with Wood.
    Please come visit.

  3. Fabulous piece. The odd thing is, while I can clearly recognize Bors Karloff's face, between the description and the action, it seems more like Tom Tyler's film.