Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sword and Sorcery at Marvel

When it comes to comics blogs, one can always count on the Groovy Agent to post the coolest stuff! He plugs us today so we tip our hat back by plugging his offering of two Wally Wood stories from Marvel's TOWER OF SHADOWS! Both written and drawn by Wood, the art here is very reminiscent of his WIZARD KING work and in spite of its less than stellar four color presentation in the original comics, remains some of his best work from his late sixties/early seventies stint at Marvel.



  1. One of these days, I'm gonna have to head to Covington, or we'll have to meet somewhere between us (Lexington, maybe) and hang out for a while. We're might be at opposite ends of the state, but it's not that big of a state!

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  4. TERRIFIC stuff. It bugs me that none of Wood's 4 stories were promoted properly on the covers of those issues. Also, note how the EDITOR's name is listed first, and sometimes lettered bigger. As the TV version of Spider-Man once said, "Talk about a king-size ego!" All 4 stories were reprinted in "THE MARVEL COMICS ART OF WALLY WOOD" (1982), a gorgeous hardcover, where between the bright white paper and slightly BIGGER page size, they no doubt looked BETTER than they did in their original printing.