Sunday, December 27, 2009

Comic Book Foldees-1966

When I was in the first grade, COMIC BOOK FOLDEES from Topps were one of the big things at my school. We'd all play with them and trade them back and forth at recess. They were small foldable pieces of thin card stock paper. On one side in the middle was a DC superhero or supervillain. On the other sides, split in half, were drawings of a dancer, a cowboy, a politician...just about anything as long as it was in a similar pose. Then you would fold over either the top or the bottom and get a funny picture with a funny caption. Simple but fun! Imagine my surprise when I discovered that THESE had been done at least mostly by Wally Wood! I say mostly because there are a number of the small drawings that don't really look like Woodwork to me but may be. Most, however, are quite good. The only one I have left after 40+ years is the FLASH one seen here but I recently was able to download images of the whole set online so here's a few of what I think are the best examples of Wood!