Thursday, December 10, 2009

FOO Stuff

Was sorting through a box of shtuff this evening and came across two items of interest here. The first is my Friends of Odkin membership card! I was # 288! Is that Woody's handwriting does anyone know? Looks like the examples I've seen.
The second is an early 1980 letter from publisher Bill Crouch promoting his first WALLACE WOOD SKETCHBOOK exclusively to current and former FOO members (which, as you can see by my membership card, I was, my own membership having expired at the beginning of the year).


  1. Don't know if it's Wood's handwriting or not, but it's the same handwriting that was on my FOO card...which I think you posted a long time ago.

  2. From Alan K--
    "Just a note to confirm that the hand writing on your Friends Of Okdin membership card IS INDEED in Woody's own hand. I have no doubt of it. Even the numerals. Definitely.
    Alan Kupperberg"