Thursday, September 16, 2010

My World

Thanks to our new pal Loston for scans (not his) of the original art to Woody's seminal EC strip, MY WORLD. Like Barry Manilow, known for his "I Write the Songs" which was actually written by Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, MY WORLD was actually written not by Wood but by Al Feldstein. Sums up Wallace Wood pretty well, though.


  1. J. David Spurlock, one of THE Wood experts out there, comments:

    Steven, Im not set up to post on your blog so, here is my note:
    The My World script was written, in fact, by Feldstein but, inspired by Wood and, according to a direct quote from Woody, based on an outline/list of concepts Wood had written and supplied. So, I contend the story is
    Written by Feldstein and Wood
    Illustrated by Wood.
    That makes it 3/4 total Wood creation. (Thanks, Mr. S!)

  2. Regardless of who wrote "My World" it still stands as a beautiful testament to the passion and skills of Wally Wood. Every panel is a masterclass in how to compose, light and render. Thank you for posting this in black and white.

  3. Does anybody know if Wood's classic EC work was ever published in black and white? seeing an original like this one only confirms my belief that the colour work of American comic books should be filed as a crime against humanity!

  4. Russ Cochran published all of the classic EC work in black and white in the EC box sets. Before that, though, he also published quite a few in a series of oversized EC portfolios from the original art. The EC Convention book published a number also. Good stuff!

  5. Hi !
    I'm Belgian, and five days ago, I was at Palma (Mallorca / Spain) to see the Wallace Wood Exhibition (WOODWORK)...
    WOW ! More of 200 original pieces of art... AMAZING !
    And I saw "My World" original pages... INCREDIBLE !
    To see some pictures :
    Tony Lariviere from Belgium