Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sno' Fun!

Artist Loston Wallace, a veteran of DC's licensing department, pointed me toward this Wood horror story from 1972 (although probably on the stands in late '71). Written by Sergio Aragones and credited as being pencilled and inked solo by Woody, it offers some exemplary work from the period just before he started CANNON and SALLY FORTH. Loston says "Though several panels certainly seem to be pure vintage Wallace Wood, there are also a few panels that seem a little odd in terms of the inking techniques. That's not to say that these panels are bad--but a little different from Wood's normal treatment. One thing is for certain, many of the panels on these pages have the feel of those 22 PANELS THAT ALWAYS WORK, and other Woody trademark poses, etc. The finished package is really great!"

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Steven! I'd love to know if anyone else assisted Wood on this story or not. Regardless this is a great 9 page story that's an instant classic! The Wood touches are present throughout, and there are story elements that are reminiscent of Henry Rider Haggard's "SHE: A HISTORY OF ADVENTURE" and Jame's Hilton's "LOST HORIZON" epics. I like the design of the underground denizens. They truly have a unique and interesting look! The lighting in this story is fantastic--is there anyone in comics who did better double lighting than Wally Wood? I think you'd be hard-pressed to think of someone who could match Wood's skills at light and shadow.

    I'm glad that I own this comic, and that I finally got to see this great HOM story! A real treat!