Sunday, September 11, 2011


Artist Ken Landgraf is a longtime student of Wood art (see his very Wood-esque nude at right). Ken recently sent along some comparison shots to show where Wood got the inspiration for some of his now-famous DAREDEVIL panels. They aren't exactly swipes because each one is significantly different from the original panels in Burne Hogarth's TARZAN strips.

Still, remember that it was Wallace Wood who famously (infamously?) stated “Never draw what you can copy; never copy what you can trace; and never trace what you can cut out and paste up.” By the way, I just cut that out and pasted it up. Woody would have LOVED computer tech.

Wood had briefly attended Hogarth's art school in the late forties. The TARZAN artist was and still is known as a master of anatomy and his various books on same have often been used as reference by comic book artists.


  1. This is interesting because I'm almost positive I read an interview where Wood said Hogarth was his least favorite artist...I will have to search around to see if I remember that correctly, though. Another thing occurred to me after visiting the MLK memorial today - did Wood or his contemporaries ever draw black people? And how did he feel about race issues; just curious I've never seen a black character of his at all...

  2. Wood drew at least one black character in CANNON as I recall. Otherwise, now that you mention it...Hmmm?

  3. One of the four Marine heroes in the series TOTAL WAR/MARS PATROL was black.