Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Strange Worlds Limited Edition

Just announced! Vanguard has decided to produce a DELUXE, slipcased edition of their coming WALLY WOOD STRANGE WORLDS book with 16-bonus pages and unique cover. The bonus material will include Wood's rare inside front cover illustrations for 1950s Avon sci-fi comics like Strange Worlds, Capt. Science, Space Detective and more.


  1. great news. i note it's not listed on amazon yet. I wonder if the release date will be pushed bak from November (it was originally October)?

  2. Vanguard does not offer deluxe editions to Amazon. The deluxe editions are available through your local comics shop, BudsArtBooks.com, and www.VanguardPublishing.com

    The regular PB and HCs will be available through Amazon.