Monday, September 26, 2011

Marvel Concepts

Courtesy of Bruce Haley. Thank you, sir! These are absolutely fascinating!


  1. Incredible sketches! It's great to see these story notes and layouts.

  2. Lots of interesting stuff here, too bad most of it didn't see the light of day. The Sub-Mariner and Torch concept page is interesting, as its been noted in fanzines of the time like the Comic Reader that Wood was going to take over those strips. I can only imagine how magnificent and imaginative a Wood Subby strip would have been.

  3. How strange that these pages show Wood presenting a number of very brief plot ideas, and character proposals.
    Reminds me of Wood's short essay "What Makes Stanley Run," as well as Wood's letter to John Hitchcock.

  4. Amazing stuff. The 2 designs for radar amplification in DD's cowl are almost identical to what I played around with for one of my own characters. Never knew that. So, how fitting that I once did a pin-up of that same character, and when I was finished, looked at it and realized it reminded me of Wood's art. (How'd THAT happen?)

    Looks liek "The Alien" later turned up in the DR. DOOM strip in ASTONISHING a few years later, while "The Destroyer" morphed into Stilt-Man. "Blackout" looks like somethign Steranko did in one of his NICK FURY episodes. Subby in "Pellucidar" (The Savage Land?) would have made a lot more sense than DAREDEVIL in The Savage Land (John Romita's 1st DD story-- coincidence????). I know Jack Kirby apparently plotted out that storyline, but maybe he sent DD to meet Ka-Zar on Lee's suggestion (swiped from Wood)?

    Just remember that one little rule of thumb... the entire history of the Marvel Universe makes perfect sense, if you take into account one single thing: Stan Lee NEVER plotted ANYTHING. It is astounding how many things just fall into place so perfectly if you drop that into the equation.

  5. Hey guys, I love the crude layouts and recognise Wally Wood's art, but what are these being drawn upon? They appear to the the back of some sort of cardboard stock with a nail hole punched in them. Laundry claim tickets? Alterations checks? How large are these pieces, please?