Monday, October 17, 2011

Via Booksteve's Bookstore: Weird Sex-Fantasy Offered Again

Seen here is WALLY WOOD'S WEIRD SEX FANTASIES PORTFOLIO published in 1977. Its oversized black and white plates feature some of Woody's best art of the period (aided by his then assistant, A.L. Sirois) and are more R-rated than X-rated for the most part.

Any serious Wood fans out there who would like a copy? It's a signed and numbered limited edition. Mine is #589/2000. Signed by Wallace Wood. It's in excellent condition with only a slight crinkle in one corner of the sleeve. These have been all over the board in recent years with at least one copy going on eBay for as much as one thousand dollars. Asking pice for this one, originally purchased by me from the publisher during Wood's lifetime, is only $300.00 plus $15.00 postage and insurance.


  1. I've got # 1783...Good stuff. Someone ought to grab this item fast - there are only 2,000 in existence! Thats in the whole world, folks...and yours is in great condition, too! Hard to find! Who's the lucky winner going to be? Better jump on it, Wood fans!

  2. I've always enjoyed the images in this folio, and the idea of it. And once I even owned an original from it (the Princess Leia drawing, which Mike Zeck told me he had a lot to do with). But gosh, it's fun to think about how great it would've been by Wood in his prime, say around 1969-1971. Wood and sex go together like Laurel & Hardy, or like Lennon & McCartney.