Thursday, November 3, 2011

Space Search Seven

Reader Mark Yanko reports that the original art for Wood's SPACE SEARCH SEVEN, the pre-rewritten version of Warren's THE MANHUNTERS, has ben right under our noses all along amidst the treasure trove of Wood originals we've linked to here before from James Halperin:

A side by side comparison shows that a number of panels on the original art pages have the relettered and pasted over dialogue but some do reveal the original. Published in beautiful color in EERIE # 60, this is one of my favorite Wood pieces (done with Paul Kirchner?). The mag does not list a writer (or an artist for that matter) but a later reprint credits Warren regular Gerry Boudreau. I've also heard it said it was Bill DuBay, who rewrote so many of Wood's later works for Warren.

The story, in this case, appears to be essentially the same so I'm not sure why someone felt the need to rewrite the piece so substantially.

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