Monday, December 12, 2011

Artist's Edition Contents

IDW's Scott Dunbier has announced the contents of IDW's Artist's Edition of Wood's EC work, now due in January.

Science Fiction:

Project... Survival WF #12
Home to Stay WF #13
There Will Come Soft Rains WF #17
A Weighty Decision WS #13
He Walked Among Us WS #13
Down to Earth WS #16
Mars is Heaven WS #18
My World WS #22
The Children WSF #23
...For Posterity WSF #24
Adaptability WSF #27
Spawn of Venus 3-D WSF

Shock and War: 

Came the Dawn Shock #9
Perimeter Frontline #15
Blockade TFT #31
Atom Bomb TFT #33
Trial by Arms TFT #34
Carl Akeley TFT #41 

Plus a cover gallery.


  1. Thanks for posting the list! Some really great stuff in there! I can't wait to get mine in January!

  2. When was the original release date?

  3. Seems like it was originally announced for November.

  4. It was originally slated to be released in late October. Then it was changed to early December, if I recall. Now it's apparently coming out in January. It was kind of the same way with the DAVE STEVENS' ROCKETEER and WALT SIMONSON'S THOR books too, but those finally made it out, and were gorgeous! Well worth the wait. The WOOD book is even going to outshine those two! It's a massive 15"X22", so there are bound to be some printing issues to sort out there, etc. I do hope that IDW delivers in January though, because two delays is a bit frustrating, but three delays would probably give! lol.