Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Complete Galaxy Illustrations

Okay, now THIS is new. In fact, it isn't even out for another six months but it's already available for pre-order.

Wally Wood's career in comics is legendary among the annals of comic's 
history. He rocketed to fame working on Will Eisner's The Spirit 
newspaper strip and became one of the most talented artists working for 
EC Comics during the 1950s. Wood also became a star of EC's satire 
comic, Mad, which went on to even greater success as a magazine, 
allowing the artist to apply his amazing talents in a broader spectrum. 
When the comic's industry fell on lean times during the mid 1950s, Wood 
segued into the field of science fiction pulp illustration, providing 
over 200 beautiful drawings and several color cover paintings for the 
digest magazines, particularly Galaxy. Wood left behind a legacy of 
great art, much of which has never been reprinted. This book will 
feature them all. Long time Wally Wood historian Roger Hill has spent 
the past twenty years pulling together the history of Wood's involvement 
with the pulp digests and tracking down original art for this project. 
Over half of the images have been pulled from the originals or from 
Wood's personal file copies, allowing Wood fans the finest possible 

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