Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Is Going to be BIG!

...and I mean LITERALLY!

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  1. Looks great! There seems to be an amazing amount of Wood stuff suddenly being released. I also saw on Amazon that Fantagraphics is releasing in 2012 an EC library volume devoted just to Wood (they also have one on Amazon for 2012 just for Kurtzman). I just put in my order for the Vanguard deluxe Wood sci fi and the covers book you highlighted (a lot of these are available in B&W but this will be nice to have them in color. FYI, O got a collection of copies of letters written by Wood to one of his publishers; they are sold on Ebay. Very enlightening...the publisher also wrote his own reminiscences about Wood, which really humanize him. Finally, Clowes has been highlighting Wood in his public appearances, maybe that is part of the reason Wood has been republished? Clowes has given incredibly simplistic and superficial commentary (available on YouTube) but it still may have helped bring Wood to a wider audience.