Thursday, March 8, 2012

IDW's Artist's Edition--What the Fans Are Saying!

There it is in all its glory. You may have heard it was big. That's comics fan/collector/historian and former Kubie Bob Bailey showing it off for us.  Bob says: 
This is ten pounds of the greatest science fiction, war and shock suspense stories ever drawn! At 15" x 22" you could put legs on it and use it for a table! The Wally Wood Artists Edition is well worth whatever you have to pay for it.

Here are more comments we've received from earlier purchasers.

After persevering through delay after delay of waiting for its release I finally got my copy of IDW's Wally Wood Artists Edition, courtesy of my LCS.

It is in a word. Extraordinary. If there was ever any danger of Wally Wood slipping from his place in the pantheon of the all-time comic greats, this gorgeous colossus of book should restore him to his exalted position.

It is truism people recite that one cannot appreciate paintings in books in the same as they can beholding them in a gallery or that listening to a favourite band on an album cannot compare to doing the same in a live concert. The truism holds here again with WW Artists Edition. If you are a fan of Wally Wood and you think you've seen his work before then think again until you've held this book in your hands. It may not be the "original originals" contained in this thing of beauty, but unless you are among a handful of the world's privileged, Wally Wood Artists' Edition is the closest you will ever get to seeing and holding the real Woodwork.

More or less words than these will not do to express how amazing this book is. To truly find that out you will have to behold it for yourself.

Craig Dodge

I just received today my preordered copy of the Wally Wood Artist's Edition! No question it will become the holy grail of Wallace Wood books as it is already sold out with no reprints planned. 

IDW outdid itself with this glorious book. It is huge, about 22inches tall, capturing the true size of the original pages. This is like having the original art to the EC stories, the period when Wood was at the height of his artistic genius. 

For anyone interested in art, comics, illustration, sci fi, and of course Wally Wood, this is one of the most important books on the market.If you see it, buy it and if you get it put it in your will and bequeath it to someone who will value it.
Outstanding content, production values, binding, layout, extras, make this a ten star purchase! 

Tom Peirce

ONE FOR THE ALIENS: If aliens came to earth and could only take ONE book about comic book art back to their planet, I would give them THIS tome, that arrived today like a gift from the Art Gods! It is beyond breathtaking, if there is such a thing, and though "only" in black and white, the literal depth of Wally Wood's artistic masterpieces herein--his shading, his use of zipatones and craftint, remains the highwater mark in comic book history--give these giant-size pages (the classic size of the twice-up original art) an almost three-dimensional feel and look (the cover particularly, with its spot-varnished astronaut figure, had a striking dimensionality that made my jaw drop like a cartoon itself)! The printing, book design, layout and typography by IDW is as gorgeous and thoughtful as this magnificent artwork deserved, and they should take a well-deserved bow for creating One For The Ages. Somewhere in Comic Art Valhalla, Woody is looking down, beaming that elfin grin of his with pride in the glorious presentation of the work he bled sweat and tears for, and perhaps wistfully wondering, had a book of this scope and scale been produced in his lifetime, he might not have taken his own life. Now you can truly rest in peace, Wallace Wood. Your legacy is safe for eternity!
-Arlen Schumer


  1. As beautiful as they can be how long will it be before we have our first of these over-sized fabrications with wheels! They get bigger and bigger and bigger!

    Rip Off

  2. Hello from Barcelona.
    I've got it and it's wonderful... the pages of Mars is Heaven! for example are amazing.


  3. FRITZ -- I sometimes think Wally Wood was the best EC artist, or my favorite at the least. That's saying a lot when you look at the excellent quality of work of the rest of the EC team. When IDW came out with this massive volume I thought it a dream come true. Even on its arrival the sheer size of the book blew my mind. It's one of my favorite possessions. IDW is onto something good here, and I hope they produce many more volumes of this type.

  4. I love this book! Nice image of Bob holding!