Friday, March 16, 2012

Kirby and Wood, Together Again

This, from the first part of the legendary FF tale, "And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them," is perhaps the single best panel illustrating the fact that Wood inked (or redrew) the Daredevil and Matt Murdock figures throughout the issue. 

Even though it's often posted that he did the same on the second part, even a basic examination of the DD figures there clearly shows them to be Vince Colletta inking Jack...and DD suffers tremendously for it. Like a number of artists and fans at the time (remember the red costume was still new!), Vince couldn't seem to get a handle on the placement of the shadow blacks on the red costume. Woody, the undisputed master of spotting blacks, could do it instinctively. 


  1. I seem to remember some Marvel source disputing that Wood had inked the DD figures, instead attributing the task to (I think) Bob Brown. Have you heard of this before, and any thoughts?

  2. Never heard that but seeing as how Brown was working for DC at that time doing CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN and they frowned on their people working for anybody else, it seems very unlikely. Besides which, Brown's art never looked at all like Wood's and this looks just like Wood's.

  3. Sure looks like Woody to me, which is why I was surprised when I read about it being attributed to Brown. (If I remember correctly, that is - maybe it was Adkins? Ah, curse deteriorating brain cells.) In fact, that's why it stuck in my mind - I just wish I could remember the source where I read it. I must still have it, but I wouldn't know where to begin looking. I'll still believe it was Woody 'though, unless someone can prove otherwise.