Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Europe's First Fully-Computerized Thing-1960's

Originally published at Booksteve's Library in March of 2006
When I joined Wallace Wood's official fan club, the Friends of Odkin (FOO) in the late seventies, one of the cool things the artist sent along with his basic membership kit was a leftover copy of an outdated portfolio he had made up for advertising agencies. Inside were random style samplings from sci-fi digests, comics, fanzines, children's books and toys. As a Wood fan, many of these were pieces I had seen before. One that I had not seen nor have I seen it anywhere since was this one. This is described in the portfolio as "Scandinavian Airlines announces Europe's first fully-computerized thing." Zoom in on this sucker and you'll find enough Woody goodness here to keep you occupied for awhile. Enjoy!


  1. see, now this is the picture that they invented the word AWESOME for. never seen it before, thanks for the share.

  2. I have looked for theis drawing for ages, thanks! Oh the details!!!

  3. an even more amazing version of this runs as the ENDPAPERS to Vanguard's new Hardcover WALLY WOOD STRANGE WORLDS OF SCIENCE FICTION. Will knock your socks off! Only in the hardcover.