Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here's a link to an online version of Archie Goodwin's 1976 CREEPY story, CREEPS which brought together the diverse styles of EC alumni Wally Wood and John Severin. Since both of these artists's tended to overpower the work of anyone they collaborated with, it's a fascinating combination! Throw in the fact that I'm pretty sure I detect some Ralph Reese work in there and Reese is an artist with the rare ability to overpower even Woody's work and you have a truly bizarre comics art treat.


  1. Be sure to read all the comments on this link for much more info on this odd one-off collaboration.

  2. As I commented at Black 'n' White, Ralph Reese says he did not do any work at all on this story.

  3. Wow. Intense. Fabulous B&W art. didn't see where this was going at first. Can you imagine if the story had just ended on page 5?

    By the way, the guy on the subway with the beard reminds me of Tom Sutton. Meanwhile, the face all the way on the right at the top of page 2 looks like Sylvester Stallone! He played a subway mugger in Woody Allen's BANANAS.