Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wally Wood Sings!

Hardcore Wood fans (as opposed to fans of Wood's hardcore) know that Woody considered himself a fairly decent folksinger and actually recorded and released some songs in the late seventies.

Hardcore booksteve fans (are there any?) know that I do a more or less daily column of links over at Craig Yoe's ITCHblog, recently relaunched with lots of new contributors to great acclaim if you haven't been there lately.

What I had forgotten, however, is that way back in 2007 fellow ITCHer, Craig and DJ David B ran a selection of Wally Wood's music on the blog! I even commented on it, making perhaps what was my very first contribution to ITCH. Anyway, here's David's personalized FOO sketch of Snorky. Follow the link and hear for yourself why Woody was not exactly burning up the charts with JUG BAND MUSIC.

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