Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Three Doors To War-1959

From OUR FIGHTING FORCES # 10, 1959, comes this nondescript war story credited to writer Bill Finger. GCD says Wood did pencils AND inks and cites editor Julie Schwartz's personal records to that effect. Of course, that doesn't mean there wasn't an extra hand or two filling in blacks or bordering. The inklines look much thinner to me than Woody's own. More like Williamson or Torres or even reminds me of John Rosenberger (who, as far as I know, never worked with Wood).


  1. I've never seen this story. The metaphor of the door-to-door salesman is tortured, and the artwork is indifferent, but indifferent Wood is better than indifferent anybody else. Like you I see other hands in it.

  2. Thanks! Enjoyed reading this (I'm a fan of DC war comics) and haven't seen much of Woody's post EC war output.

  3. I see what you mean about the inking. DC was notorious for retouching stories to create a unified house look. I think this one may have been tampered with by one of their in-house war guys like Jerry Grandenetti or Bernard Sachs.

  4. I think it was penciled by Grandenetti.

  5. Alan Kupperberg writes:

    I think Bill Wray has got it right. ... I too think it was penciled by Grandenetti. The close up on page two clinches it for me.

    I can see Woody not wanting to deal with Kahniger.


  6. I have NEVER seen this piece! THANK YOU. I am such a Wood fan--I thought I had all his DC work, but I overlooked this one. It is perhaps a bit formulaic, but even routine Wood betrays such mastery that it is always enormously rewarding. This is really terrific. It is a special day, whenever I am treated to a new Wood work. Again, my thanks.