Friday, June 18, 2010

LA Times on Wood's Birthday Yesterday

Thanks to John Firehammer for alerting me to this unexpected LA TIMES tribute on what WOULD have been Woody's 83rd birthday! And thanks to the LA TIMES site for linking here!


  1. Your welcome for the heads up, Steve! Congrats on the mention in the piece, too.

    John F.

  2. I'm glad to see that Wally Wood was remembered. One can only hope that he's never forgotten.

  3. The above image-- obviously taken from Marvel's MASTERWORKS (a recolored restoration) reminds me, once again, that I still need to tackle this cover. YES, I already spent nearly a day doing a restoration... but the image size was too small, and, I realized after-the-fact that I'd screwed up the skin tones. (As in, there's supposed to be 3 tones, and I only had 2.) I finally DID find a nice, whopping HUGE image of the thing online... but ti's in worse shape than the one I used before. So I know I'm loking at maybe a couple whole DAYS of "restoration" to get it as stunning as I want it to be (no dirt, no creases, no tears, etc.).

    But I'm sure it'll be worth it once it's done...