Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Woody's Filing Cabinet

The ever-helpful Alan Kupperberg, former Woodworker and an enjoyable artist and all-around good guy himself, has a great offer for the right Wood fan. Here's what Alan had to say:

My wife and I have been closing out a large storage room we rent.

One of the last items left is a large, very heavy even though empty, three drawer, steel

filing cabinet.

And it was given to me by Wally Wood. He had it in the Wood Studio.

I don't know how long he had it before I met him.

We have no place to keep it so it will probably wind up in the

trash. But it is in perfect working order and has Woody's pedigree.

If anyone wants it and is willing to pick it up in Manhattan in the

next two weeks, it's theirs!

This may be fruitless, but I'd hate to see this bit of history trashed.

Alan K

So there you have it. If you can arrange to have it picked up in Manahattan within the next two weeks, YOU can have Wally Wood's old, empty file cabinet. Like Alan, part of me sees that it's just a filing cabinet but the fan in me imagines all the treasures that must have been filed in it at one time. As history goes, it's not exactly the Rosetta Stone but it shouldn't be trash either. Can anyone help Alan by taking it off his hands? If you're legitimately interested, contact me ASAP at booksteve@aol.com and I will hook you up directly with Mr. K.

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