Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woodwork Exhibition

Some interesting news making the rounds in the US today regarding our hero-- In September, in Spain, there will be an exhibition of 150-300 (depending on the source) pieces of original art by Wallace Wood. Most of the sites that have the news are in Spanish but run them through Babel Fish for more info. Here are a couple:

Then check back for Sr Delgado's latest Wood post comparing the original and revised covers for an early issue of DAREDEVIL.


  1. Latest news from Frederic Manzano at CSB forum:

    Yep, the Wallace Wood exhibit will start September 16 and will end November the 7th.
    Over 200 pieces of Original art.
    I will be the director of the exhibit with Florentino Florez.
    For the Catalog better wait for Bud Plant or to deal with me.
    All the best

  2. Palma de Majorca (Spain) is here:

    And here there are pics of the latest exhibition (John Buscema):

    Catalogs are awesome, so I highly recommend to order one when possible! I'll keep you updated when it's known the route of international distribution.

  3. The photo credit is Gil Ortiz, who captured Woody as he was carrying coffee from the house to his Connecticut studio.

  4. Thanks for the blurb Bhob, just met with Fred Manzano last week in San Diego. He picked up 6 of my photographs that will be in the exhibit and also in the catalog.

  5. Frederic added the poster of the exhibition at his CAF gallery:

  6. The Wally Wood Expo in the Casal Solleric (Palma de Mallorca-SPAIN) is awesome!!